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Bedroom Ideas For Teenagers That Even Adults Will Envy

by Suzanne Moodi
Bedroom ideas for teens

Bedroom ideas for teens

Teenagers can be a difficult lot to please. Kids on their way to adulthood, it can be confusing. But that shouldn’t stand in the way of finding inspiring bedroom ideas for teens.

Look at some such brilliant ideas for modern teen bedrooms. 

      1. Low platform beds

        A great way to make a small space look large is to use a low platform bed. Low beds add additional volume to the room, without making it seem cramped.


      2. A uniform color theme

          Another interesting teen bedroom idea is to follow a color theme across the room, adding a little uniformity in their otherwise chaotic environment.


      3. Posters

           Adding a few posters of their favourite bands or movies on the walls is a quirky way to add some art to a modern teen bedroom.

      4. Workstation

          Teenagers need space to work. Having a specific area for them to work in, is a great way to help them learn to live an organized life. Add a pinboard to the workstation, so they can pin up any important stuff that they want to save.


      5. Storage

        Having enough storage is the key to great bedroom design. Just like little kids, teenagers need to have enough space to store away their things in designated storage areas. Bins are a great way to do this.


      6. Greenery

        Kids today don’t see a lot of green, especially those living in apartments. Plants add a sense of calm to the surroundings. While adding too many plants may not be a good bedroom idea for teens, adding one hardy plant by the window will help them learn responsibility and give them a sense of nature.

      7. Rugs

        Rugs are a basic to interior design. Add a color themed rug is a great teen bedroom idea. Unsure of what might look good? Spacejoy is an online interior design platform that allows you to virtually design a bedroom online before making the purchase.


      8. Lighting

         A vital component of bedroom interior design is to add the right kind of lighting to the space. Study lamps, bedside lamps and even the right kind of lighting fixtures, help to add a character to the space. Let them pick out the lighting fixtures themselves.


      9. Sitting area

        If space allows, adding a couch to the room serves as a good bedroom decor idea for teens, giving them a space to unwind after a long day and a place where they can entertain people. If not add smaller seats that don’t take up too much space.

While teenagers may seem hard to please, using these tips for modern teen bedroom design may help create the right space for them. Involving the kids in the design of their space is a wonderful way to involve them in family decisions and plans, encouraging the spirit of togetherness, while also giving them a chance to express themselves.

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