Biophilia – The New Trend in Home Decor!

Biophilic home design using forest green and natural design elements

One of the standout trend for this season: deep, velvety, delicious green. From last year’s tangy lime greens, the color trend has developed and grown – becoming the perfect shade for any home. It is literally the perfect pop of color in any and all rooms.

Natural Design Elements

Biophilic Design is the biggest news coming out for creating happier, healthier interiors

Have you ever noticed how your spirits are lifted when you are outside? Well, now you can get extraordinary pleasure from being in your own garden. Even your humble potted plants can bring you joy! This “feeling” is what makes the building blocks of “Biophilia”, a concept Edward O. Wilson introduced in 1984 which describes the relationship between humans and nature. But it’s not just about how we relate to nature; it is about how having contact with nature makes us happier.

Biophilic Design Residential Home

Understanding that relationship between people and nature is becoming a huge deal in the world of Architecture and Interior Design. Designing Biophilic spaces is about giving that connection to the great outdoors back to people, by incorporating it or emulating it within the fabric of the design of buildings. There are a number of elements in design that can push our “Happy Nature Buttons” and we have tried to boil them down to 5 key elements: Indoor plants, view, natural lighting, natural elements and colors! What’s better, below are 4 key home decor themes that includes all or most of the above mentioned 5 key elements, so that when you feel like getting close to Mother Nature, you know exactly how to do it!

Urban Boho

Biophilic Design Flooring

Modern Country Casual

Biophilic Design Elements

Artful Eclectic

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