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Using yellow in home decor

The Meaning of ‘Yellow’

Yellow is universally recognized as the color of happiness, optimism, creativity, enlightenment, and sunshine. It is a cheerful color that may remind someone of a bright spring day and rays of bountiful sunshine. It can also be identified as a cautionary color when used in street signs and caution tape.

The History of ‘Yellow’

Yellow ocher pigment was one of the first colors used by prehistoric humans in their detailed cave art. Some of these drawings even date back over 17,000 years! The ancient Egyptians also used yellow pigments extensively in their artwork because of its close relation to gold – it was considered indestructible and eternal. When archaeologists uncovered the ruins of Pompeii they discovered extravagant murals and Yellow was a common color. The turn of the 18th-century brought with it the ability to create synthetic pigments and dyes, expanding the available shades of yellow. Several artists of the 18th- and 19th-centuries, including Vincent Van Gogh (painting – Sunflower), were famous for using different shades of yellow to evoke emotions and to connect with an audience.

Yellow in Home Decor

Now coming to our favorite part, using yellow in home decor and design elements. Most designers would agree that yellow can be a vibrant addition to many different rooms as long as you choose the right shade of yellow. You can use a muted yellow as a neutral shade and an all-over wall color while a pale yellow will make a small room feel much larger. A room that gets plenty of natural light may benefit from a warm yellow on the walls and ceiling as it will play up the vibrancy of the streaming sunshine. We have gathered a variety of tips for decorating with yellow and utilizing an understanding of color science.

You can bring an old world feel to a room by painting walls or hanging a yellow painting. Pair this shade with a subtle brown for a truly rustic feel.

House Painting Colors

Yellow can be used in combination with other colors, most often cream and beige, to create a more subtle shades. These specific shades are known for being lively without becoming overwhelming.

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Orange pairs well with bright yellow shades for a citrus inspired space. This color combination works well with bright white walls and sleek furniture.

Home Colour Combination

One of the hottest color trends the last several years is the combination of grey and yellow. These colors work well together in a variety of rooms including living spaces and bedrooms.

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Yellow can be used throughout a nursery or playroom to create a cheerful and happy space perfect for celebrating childhood.

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